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Shakti Jai on KinkySweet’s Frequent Flyer series
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Ommetamorphic & Majitope Feat. Nanu Clover Ma — Shakti Jai
Release date : 20May. ,
Label : Kinkysweet Recordings

This all time classic song from Black Rock Desert to the beaches of Hawaii found it’s way to digital with it’s release on Kinkysweet’s Frequent Flyer compilation series – Departure Lounge.  Alongside others such as Ian Pooley, Michael Tello, and J Boogie, this was a perfect soundtrack to wherever you were driving in 2005.  There are a bunch of life affirming stories around this song and the unexpected connections and tales it has brought.  Maybe we’ll grab a pint sometime and we can remember that one time at that one place and that one track was playing….