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Firefly Gathering 2013 / Northern Arizona

my second year and a true family experience. the deep journey sunset and sunrise sets i was honored to play were super magic.  the people, land, depth, art, space makers, interaction, and opportunity were all magic.  props to a core level of epic with a good splash of down home… don’t forget about the official proliferation of Rock Toss Bounce (including new crowd-pleaser Sink Smash! and the Three Point Line!!) Smokovich also rocked two epic sets as well between his busy schedule as baby mustard judge for RTB.  firefly just ain’t another boom boom. it’s the original style everything!  POINTS!!! Special props to the entire Firefly crew and Jeremiah Green, Safi’s Lab, Acidisco, Laura, Julia, Tim, Brian, Lizzy, Leor, Lavender, Rene, camp colorado sound guys, Steve Christmas, Deborah, David, Todd, and of course the ‘visionary art yardstick is-it-this-or-this matrix workshop’.  I’m already looking forward to next year…


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