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Raindance Campout 2013

Epic Raindance Campout this year, they always are but the bluff and the river were out of control in the Sierra’s and in familiar territory.  the moon and sunrise sunday morning on the bluff were pivitol.  Following J.Phlip from Dirtbird was a bit of a nerve shaker, especially as i was truly a rotary knob mixer virgin (besides that one time in ’95 kind of thing).  turned out it’s like flying a plane and i loved every second of it / and the sound was phenomenal.  not sure i’ve heard vinyl through a tube mixer on such a nice system like that before.  pure good.

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Playground at Cathedral Park Portland Oregon

what an epic time! Portland, you rock, for realz.  for the first time in forever i got to play tourist and enjoy one epic food, drink, and culture one after another, culminating in closing out the super fun outdoor party Playground with a sunset set.  Now I know why they call it Cathedral Park!  beyond grateful to join the amazing day of music with highlights including Jacaranda, Mercedes, Jak, and Phidelity.  special thanks to our friends at Santeria and of course Love at Jack London.  give thanks and super hope to get to come back soon!!!

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Firefly Gathering 2013 / Northern Arizona

my second year and a true family experience. the deep journey sunset and sunrise sets i was honored to play were super magic.  the people, land, depth, art, space makers, interaction, and opportunity were all magic.  props to a core level of epic with a good splash of down home… don’t forget about the official proliferation of Rock Toss Bounce (including new crowd-pleaser Sink Smash! and the Three Point Line!!) Smokovich also rocked two epic sets as well between his busy schedule as baby mustard judge for RTB.  firefly just ain’t another boom boom. it’s the original style everything!  POINTS!!! Special props to the entire Firefly crew and Jeremiah Green, Safi’s Lab, Acidisco, Laura, Julia, Tim, Brian, Lizzy, Leor, Lavender, Rene, camp colorado sound guys, Steve Christmas, Deborah, David, Todd, and of course the ‘visionary art yardstick is-it-this-or-this matrix workshop’.  I’m already looking forward to next year…


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Symbiosis: Pyramid Eclipse 2012

the road to Symbiosis , literally, is always deep with obstacle, patience, daring, and reward.  give thanks to the creators, the family, and the host. it was an honor to try landing the ecliptic ship by playing the closing set at the Sun Stage on Monday.  right before i played i walked in prayer around the dance floor and remained in forever awe of landscape and original spirit.  Music was going to be my gratitude and offering, and the sound system was fantastic and sounding like your first playa sunrise.  the winds were howling across the vinyl which makes me nervous, but i think that those desert bellow winds truly (acoustically) speak through the record needles that could have skipped at any time (but never did!).  this is what matters to me, there is a physical vibration in my sound path.  as if there was a guitar string that rattles, and how it vibrates and what it picks up is what we hear in that moment.  it wasn’t about me, but about sharing the music.  yes i make music and produce, but who cares, I’m a dj, a vinyl dj, and i’m here to mix records, hopefully long and well.  always searching to spin two quartz locked pitched spirals into one (2 x 33:1/3 = 1) to create a new journey and tell a new story. beauty is the mantra, but there seems to be something more macro to it. that’s where i’m trying to go. that is my prayer.  infinite love light and compassion.  special thanks, reverence, and love,  -Majitope

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